My yummy healthy kids biscuits recipe is one that I have been tinkering with for a while, and I think I’ve finally nailed it!

In our household I am trying to make most of the food from scratch, with healthy and wholesome ingredients.

These biscuits are sugar, nut and gluten free and are wonderful to pop into your little ones lunch box to give them a boost of energy.


1 cup of pumpkin seeds

1 cup of sunflower seeds

2 cups of oats – ( if you are celiac you can use gluten free oats)

½ cup of coconut oil melted

2 tbsp of cinnamon powder

1 tbsp of cardamom powder

1 cup of pre soaked dates, soak them in warm water for 20 mins before using them.

Turn your oven onto 175C


1. Place all of your dry ingredients into bowl and mix them together. If you have kids that are fussy with texture, you can grind your seeds with a mortar and pestle first.

2. Place your soaked dates into a blender and blend until smooth, then place the date mixture into your dry ingredients.

3. Melt your coconut oil and place into your mixture, and mix the ingredients together really well.

4. Take 2 tbs of your mixture into your hands roll it into a ball and flatten down onto a prepared baking tray.

Once you have all of your biscuits onto the tray, place them into your oven for 20 – 25 minutes. Keep an eye on them so that they don’t burn.

5. Enjoy with your little ones and a hot cuppa.

One more thing, try and keep them away from your pets, ours can’t resist them….

Lisa xx