Yes we are all busy! Busy for one person looks very different to another, my busy is never in the sense of being crazy physically busy. For me it’s more about being mentally busy. My mind doesn’t easily shut off, quiet down or become still. I love to over think, over plan and pretty much analyse most things in my life! Well the last one isn’t totally true but you get my point, my busy is internal, is yours?

In the bigger picture it doesn’t really matter what your busy looks like to others or what it even looks like to you. What matters is how you feel as you move through your day, how you feel as you wait to pick up your kids from school, how you feel as you do your grocery shopping and how you feel as you move from one activity to the other each and everyday.

My “aha!” moment happened last night as I was rinsing off our dinner dishes. All I could think about was, have the dogs been fed? Are the girls PJ’s on their beds (my husband was bathing them)? Has the rubbish been taken out? What’s on this week? I must sit down and work out the food we are going to eat this week and write a shopping list for tomorrow. On and on and on it went until I caught myself and in that very moment I moved deeply into Mountain pose!

Mountain what????

I love teaching this pose to people, it is super simple you can do it anywhere and it immediately brings you a sense of peace and stillness every single time.

Are you ready?

Here we go…..

Stand with both feet pressing evenly onto the ground, feel every single toe pressing down into the earth.

Feel both legs standing strongly, your knee caps are strong, your thighs are strong.

Tuck your hips under just slightly, draw in on your belly and feel your chest lift.

Draw your shoulder blades towards each other and then let them soften.

Feel your arms relax, feel your hands let go and I mean truly let go. Let go of anything you are hanging onto, let go of anything you are reaching for, let go of everything in your whole life, simply let go!

Gentle draw your chin in towards your chest, and notice the space that this movement creates in the back of your neck.

Imagine someone is reaching down and pulling you upwards from the crown of your head and as your body does this notice the space along your spine, feel your body becoming long and open.

Feel the tops of your shoulders relax.

Feel your face soften, your eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth and ears all become really soft and then take your awareness down and into your heart. Feel it beat, notice it, tune into it and soften it even more. Next take your awareness into your breath feel that it is long and gentle notice the coolness of it as it enters into your body and  feel its warmth as it leaves…….

Right now in this very moment you are connected to your body, you are connected to your breath, you are connected to your present moment and you are free from all the chaos and all the noise, it’s just you and your body enjoying a moment of peace!

All of this took place at my kitchen sink, last night I stood there for about 3 minutes in this pose and it changed my perspective. It bought me back to my centre and I moved forward into my evening with a heightened sense of peace and stillness….

All that matters as you move through your day-to-day is how you feel, and doing this pose for a few moments changes your perspective on things and makes you feel better!

Use this pose while standing at the sink, sitting in the car, walking around the shops or when you are with your kids. Better yet teach them to do it, they will love it! And it may give you a moment or two of peace and quiet…

Try it, its super easy and it really works!!!! Lisa xx