I remember walking into the labour ward mere minutes from birthing my second child, I was past the point of being able to have drugs (damn it) and I was all consumed by the whole experience. Half way between sitting and standing on the edge of the bed, my midwife said to me “lower your shoulders” and she touched them, soften your thoughts and deepen your breath!

Her words were pure magic to me, her instructions were simple to the point and effective. I did as she said and my whole birthing experience changed! I felt held, heard & supported.

The reason I am sharing this deeply personal experience with you, is that lately I have found that my shoulders are constantly up and around my ears.

Can you relate?

I haven’t been present, my mind has been swirling between my to do lists and entangled in thoughts of the past. Which when I think about it, none of these thoughts really matter!

What matters is right now in this very moment, what matters is being present enough with soft shoulders to enjoy the little things that are right in front of us every single day, and in every single moment.

When I pull myself away from the pendulum of thinking about the past, or the future I feel myself open to the absolute magic of this very moment. This moment of soft shoulders, deep breaths and gentle thoughts.

Be gentle with yourself in whatever time of life you find yourself in right now, because you truly are held and heard which you will feel and notice once your thoughts subside.

Go gently Lisa x