Sunday used to be all about families, but now, life is busy. Blurry sometimes. It’s easy to get caught up in the “what”, “how” and “when” and forget about the “why”!

To some degree it can be unavoidable. Many of us have obligations either in the form of jobs, caring for and running around after children, housework, maintenance, family, spouses, friends – the list is quite simply endless!

It is so easy to get caught up in everything that we have to do that we forget why we’ve surrounded ourselves with the people that we are doing it for in the first place!

Every Given Sunday is about capturing quality time with those that mean the most. We schedule so much of our lives that unless it’s in the calendar, we simply don’t make it a priority. We’ve grown accustomed to letting the family dynamic slip by the wayside. Not anymore.

My husband Tim and I have always enjoyed our time together as a family. But by the time Sunday rolled around we were both tired, slow to get moving, slow to complete outstanding chores or tasks and before you knew it Sunday was almost over. Our family time together was starting to consist of mainly stilted interrupted conversations or short outings where our focus was almost certainly multi-tasking on other things.

Then along came 2015. A simply horrid year that threw many fiery curveballs at our heads. Two of which included a serious cancer diagnosis for my dad and a long, chronic post-operative complication for Tim. We said a relieved good riddance to 2015. It left us with a remaining cancer rollercoaster, but it also taught us some valuable lessons.

We had to dig ourselves out of a rut and were determined to flip 2016 completely on its head. A lifestyle and attitude overhaul became a natural progression of that. The determination to be as positively productive as possible, to make every hour count so we could create more memorable moments for our little family of four. Every Given Sunday was born!

Every Given Sunday Sunrise

Every Given Sunday Guide:

  • Pick a day that everyone in the family is free from work or school – ours is Sunday!
  • Plan your week as best as possible so there are no chores to do on that day and you are free!
  • Start jotting down ideas for a day activity. Some of these might come to you as you drive around on a day to day basis. Be a tourist in your own city! Ours is Brisbane, Australia. It can cost nothing or cost a lot. You’re free to choose what you like!
  • Have a set plan on what that weeks’ day will consist of. If the weather forecast looks a bit grim, have a plan B ready
  • Be organised! Pack what you can the day before so you can be ready to go first thing in the morning. Pack your spontaneity!
  • Photos Photos Photos! We aim to have at least one family photo depicting where we are or what we are doing. Apart from taking a few photos, disconnect from your phones and completely engage in your children, in your activity and in each other.
  • Keep a record of what you did every week
  • Use your record and your photos to print out a fabulous family keepsake album at the end of the year!