What if I got it wrong? What if as I was creating and sculpturing this life the one I thought I wanted, buying and building all that “this society” says we need in order to be happy, and to feel complete and now that I can tick most of those things off the list it turns out this isn’t it at all. My list was wrong!

Now that I know this what can I do about it?

What can I do to unravel myself from this world I’ve built? What can I do to unravel my girls from a life of wanting more, more, more, bigger, bigger bigger, faster, faster, faster?

I no longer want to be on this hamster wheel of survival, I want purpose, I want meaning and I want it for myself my husband and our girls.

But what does that look like?

And how does that fit into a society where not everyone is on the same page, maybe things will change?

Maybe they already have…

Do you feel the same? Is there a yearning inside of you for things to be different, are you noticing as you tick off your list of “must haves” that those things don’t acutally bring you what you thought they would?

What if we were to strip back the trimmings, and fluffiness of this life and get to what is important. Do you even know what is important to you? What if our conversations with friends and family were deep and meaningful every single time? What if you really did listen to that little voice within that is whispering to you to make a change, and what might it look like if you actually did make a few changes?

What would a simple life look like for me? What would it look like for you? Do you want that?

Everyone’s values dreams and beliefs are incredibly different, and as I am learning right now in this season of my life they change and they can change dramatically!

Why am I sharing this with you right now? Karina and I have both changed a lot since becoming friends we have helped each other grow and move forward, we have helped each other work out and work through what we want and what we need from life and I can tell you from my side my outlook has changed.

I am now yearning for and creating a life of simplicity, a life of meaning and I’m slowing down. I dream of a life of sustainability and I know that word gets thrown around a lot but right now that is what I am cultivating. As we move forward with this blog you will notice both of us sharing more about what we’ve discovered over the past year. We will be sharing with you our tips and tricks on creating more meaning, ways to slow down, ways to reconnect with your loved ones and ways to nurture and cultivate the life you’ve always wanted….

Thanks for joining us on this ride and watch this space Lisa x