Tree Pose, also known as Vriksasana

I love doing this pose in the back yard with my little ones! Nothing makes us giggle more than watching our bodies wobble around (at first) trying to be like trees. Big, strong, balanced trees! If I’m feeling a little frazzled, or my little ones are a bit ratty this pose is wonderful for bringing a sense of calm to our crazy! It’s also a lot of fun and it connects us to our surroundings. Nothing soothes my girls and myself like being outdoors in the fresh air.

To me this pose is elegant, and over time it will help to build your inner and outer strength. I also believe that if you can do balance poses in yoga it transforms to you being more balanced in your life… This is a personal thought of mine, and if you don’t agree try it! Spend a week practising balance poses and see if you notice your mind softening, your breath lengthening and your life feeling more balanced..


Tree pose not only helps with your balance, it strengthens your thighs, calf muscles, ankles and spine. It stretches your inner thighs, chest and shoulders.

Standing strong first in mountain pose, shift your weight onto your right foot, lift your left foot up and gently place it onto the inside of your leg.

You can start by placing your foot lower at first, e.g. onto your inner calf, once balanced there you can move your foot up to your inner thigh.

Lift both arms up above your head and hold your hands shoulder width apart, as you stand there tune into the strength within your body and breathe deeply.

To keep your balance find a focus point, if you’re  outside it could be a tree. If inside find a spot on the wall and don’t take your eyes off it. Also feel your foot pressing strongly down into the earth and notice your body grounding down. Make sure your breath is long, deep and even.

This pose is wonderful to settle an over thinking mind. Holding this pose you have to be 100% present and focused on how your body is feeling otherwise you will fall over! It’s important that you are gentle with yourself in this pose, feel your mind softening and your body strengthening.

Enjoy Lisa xx