The playground of your mind… what does that mean? Before I get to it, let me set the scene. A lot of people say to me “I can’t meditate, my mind won’t stop thinking”. Which makes me wonder if you’ve ever asked yourself why you want to stop your mind from thinking?

It’s taken millions of years of natures work to get our minds to the amazingness that they are today! Without the brilliant minds of today there would be no internet, no electricity and other things similar to that in brilliance. One hundred years ago people would have laughed at us when we spoke of what Google, Facebook or Instagram do and how popular these things are right now!

I want you to think again about why you want to stop your mind from racing? Is it because your thoughts are uncomfortable? Or that you heard you were suppose to, to be meditating properly?

Right now in this very moment I want you to think about a children’s playground on a really busy day, I want you to imagine yourself watching the kids as the run, yell, fight and laugh. The noise from this playground is almost unbearable, those kids are nuts running all over the place!

Now I want you to imagine yourself getting some distance from the park, you can no longer hear the noise or feel the craziness of it. What’s going on in that park is no longer affecting you. You can sit at a distance peacefully and watch those kids playing, laughing and having fun as kids do.

That’s another way to look at your mind!

When you are in it, it’s a very different experience to how you feel when you have a bit of distance to it.

Similar to kids, your mind never ever stops ever!

It’s not meant to. It evolved to help us survive, but along the way we have become so comfortable with our minds being super busy that we think its normal. We think no one can see what’s going on in our minds, but they can!

You know what it’s like to hang out with someone who isn’t present, or someone who is so caught up in their own dramas that they can’t see past their own stuff to feel the magic of this very sacred present moment. It’s not fun being around people who are stuck in their own crazy playground all the time with the over thinking of everything, and obsessing about things that don’t deserve a second thought.

What I’m trying to say is that in our messy humanness, our mind is out of control a lot of the time, playing in the park being crazy and thinking in ways that isn’t serving us. We collectivity haven’t been present enough to rein it in, or distant enough to notice.

To bring this all together all meditation is taking yourself out of the busy playground –  for a moment connecting to your breath, feeling into your body, softening your heart and feeling the amazingness it is to be alive in this present moment!

Lisa xx