The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Every other relationship in your life reflects what is going on internally with you!

We nurture relationships with our partners, our children and our friends. We make play dates and sometimes grown up dates with the ones we love, but have you thought about making dates with yourself?

I remember years ago I read a book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron and she spoke about going on an artist’s date where you set aside one or two hours a week to nurture your artistic talent with drawing, writing or painting etc.

What I am talking about is similar but different, let’s start to nurture and grow your own personal private inner world! All it takes is creating a 30 min window of time once a week dedicated to you! As the relationship with yourself grows the other relationships in your life will bloom as well!

Below are my ideas for dating yourself…


  1. Create a box that is only for you! Place in it a candle, a beautiful tea bag, yummy good quality chocolate and your fave book or magazine. Once a week get all of your goodies out and nurture yourself with all of the above and some quiet time.


  1. Buy yourself a little block of cheese and bickies, find a rug and sit outside in your garden or in the park by yourself and enjoy every single mouth full! If cheese and bickies aren’t your thing find what ever makes your heart soar!


  1. Put on your fave music, find a pen and paper and write a letter to a loved one. This is an art form that is becoming lost in our world of email and internet. Who knows what might happen, you may create a pen friend and have letters you can cherish forever. I have a box full of letters from my grandmother that I will cherish and reread forever!


  1. Go to the movies, all by yourself. The thought of this freaks me out a little I usually go to the movies with friends. But venture out and do something you wouldn’t normally do by yourself, it will give you a lift and build your confidence.


  1. Start a journal. Find yourself a notebook and each week make a date with yourself to sit down and write in it. Write about your hopes and dreams! Write about things that are bugging you. Write out the recipes you want to try, write about anything that makes you smile. It’s a wonderful time to brain dump and release those 1000’s of thoughts you have running around your head. Also it is a lovely keepsake that you can reread in the future to see how much you have grown.


  1. Take yourself outside on a walk, instead of doing it for exercise do it to take in your surroundings. Slow down and look around, notice the birds that fly overhead, notice the noises you hear all around you, notice the flowers and plants that so beautifully live beside us! Notice the details!


Have fun with your dates and if have any other ideas I am all ears… Lisa x