I love chocolate brownies. I love it more than cake. I love it more than coffee (yes that’s right, I said it) But I’m a tough critic and it has to be a damn good chocolate brownie. Not all chocolate brownies are created equal. Some are not perfect brownies at all.  Nestling down at a cafe with a latte and a chocolate brownie, only to find out with the first bite that it is inferior, is like ripping your soul out through your taste buds (overly dramatic? I think not).

A bit over a year ago I discovered the absolute PERFECT chocolate brownie in a delightful cafe hidden in a little town only 10 minutes from where I live. I spruiked its wares and my delight to my nearest and dearest and was only too happy to take each and every one of them there to taste the evidence for themselves. The satisfaction was overwhelming.

Then, on December 30th 2015 (the day is forever etched into my memory) my mother rang me with the devastating news that she had ventured out to the cafe only to find a sign saying “Closed down” and the place completely stripped. Oh the angst!!! I poured my heart and soul out to my husband Tim who, apart from thinking I was completely nuts, (he could be right) just suggested that I should just go somewhere else for a brownie. Clearly, his lack of understanding offered no solution.

So, having had the brownie bar raised so high, I was left with no option but to fight my own way out of my brownie predicament and thus declared that I would continually make brownies and have each one judged by a lucky few until I had created and perfected the ultimate brownie!**

As I fight my way through the brownie battlefield I will post each recipe I try online and encourage each and every one of you to join me on my perfect brownie quest! Bake alongside me and give me your scores! Add your own recipes to our comments page for inclusion in the quest and together we will create the ultimate piece of chocolate heaven on a plate!**

Click on the recipes below and enjoy!…Xx
**The perfect brownie is a bit unique to each and every person. My perfect brownie is all about the gooeyness. I enjoy the odd macadamia nut but it is not a necessity. Brownies that can be confused for chocolate cake are sacrilege. It is serious business!**

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