Most of our conversations the week before Oktoberfest started and ended like this…

“What are you up to on the weekend?”

“We are taking our kids to Oktoberfest, what’s your plans?”

And without fail every single friend or client of both my husband and mine said, you don’t take kids to Oktoberfest! Its a adult drinking thing! Well my friends I am here to tell you that you most certainly can take your kids there and whilst you enjoy a cold German beer the kids will be kept busy in the awesome kinder zone!

Before heading there last weekend I would of said the very same thing we kept hearing over and over again. I had no idea it was family friendly, and a very well thought out family fun day!


As soon as we arrived we headed into the kinder zone (well first we sampled some beer) and we didn’t leave that area for a few hours! The girls started at the petting zoo and played with the animals for ages, next we found ourselves doing the chicken dance with a bunch of other kids and adults! We were awarded a prize for giving the chicken dance a go, which is always awesome when you are 6 and 3!

The rest of our time was spent having our faces painted, yes even the adults did! They had all sorts of wonderful designs that were made especially for Oktoberfest. Next the girls went on a train ride, followed by a jump on their massive jumping castle with a slippery slide, we watched a Punch and Judy show, participated in a circus workshop and hung out in the arts and craft cnr!

By this time we were starving and headed into the food area which had a delicious selection of choices, we of course choose a bratwurst (German sausage) and weren’t disappointed in the slightest! Even the girls gobbled them up! (much to my husbands disgust he was hoping to finish them off!) Then headed into the very authentic beer hall! The hall was stunning, the entertainment and music was awesome they sure know how to work the crowd and encourage everyone young and old to have a good time!

By this stage it was well after lunch and we needed to go, but next year after we have a play in the kinder zone we will be sending the little ones home and settling into a afternoon/evening of fun with our friends, drinking beer and enjoying the very authentic atmosphere of Oktoberfest!

And if you are wondering yes I have been to Oktoberfest in Munich which was a blast, but the one held here in Brisbane is just as much fun!!!