That’s right there is no planet B, this is the only one we have…

Did you know that every single piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists on our earth! It is in our oceans, rivers, soil and landfill. Sadly it’s now filtering into our food chain, no wonder there is so much sickness in this world at the moment!

As Jane Goodall said “How could we have ever believed that it was a good idea to grow our food with poisons?”

The way we are living our lives, the way we are selfishly treating this earth has to be stopped! There is no way in this world that I would ever treat my mother with disrespect, I would never throw rubbish onto her, I would never dig and dig into her very being to get resources to sell, and I would never see her as a money-making object. But in our often twisted way of looking at our earth this is what we are collectively doing.

It’s time we start to respect and love our earth like the mother that she is without her we have no where to live, our earth gives us our homes, she gives us food to eat, she gives us water to drink and it’s time we started to appreciate this and stop the mindless polluting onto and into her! We have to stop living on this earth like we have another one to go to!

I know this may have turned into a bit of a rant, but I truly do believe that as big as this problem is it’s not too big to do something about. It’s time to take off our blinkers, it’s time to stop living life for “me me me” and start to live life for “us us us” and that “us” includes our earth! Our earth is a gift, she is precious, fragile and at the moment she is in pain needs our help!!!

There are one million plus people about to start Plastic Free July from 130 countries around the world how cool is that! I’ve been looking around my home lately thinking about what we can do as a family to join in on the Plastic Free July and as overwhelming as it may be I’m going to cut back, reduce and reuse as much plastic as I can. This will not only help to heal our earth it will also teach my children about responsibility, about caring for others and giving back.

These four things in the developed world make up 60% of our plastic, non recyclable waste, and they are so easily fixed! These four things are Plastic Bags, Plastic one use Drink Bottles, One Use Coffee Cups and Straws!

Plastic Bags – Take your own! It’s easy, cheap and makes a massive difference straight away. If you reuse your bags as rubbish bin liners at home then there is a better option  Biome  has bags that you can buy which are 100% better than reusing the plastic ones from the shops!

Drink Bottles – This is a no brainer! Buy a reusable one and use it again and again and again! Water is free from the tap and we are super lucky here in Australia that we can drink it straight from the tap. If you do want to filter out any nasties then do it at home with a filtering system and carry your water with you!

Coffee Cups – Again this is simple to fix buy a reusable coffee cup! In my blog post Why You Should Kick Your Disposable Coffee Cup Habit (link to this post is below) I point out that Australians alone use 1 billion disposable coffee cups a year!! That is absoutley crazy and we can help to stop this! I have a funky glass keep cup that I bought from  Biome  which I love, a lot. Invest in a cup just for you, be proud of it and take it everywhere you go, you never know when you may need a coffee….

Straws – This one surprised me! Straws are a massive problem, and easy to fix simply use your mouth… If you have kids who love straws you can buy reusable stainless steel ones that you clean by rinsing in hot water. Keep a little pencil case in your hand bag with a knife, folk, spoon and straw in it to avoid using plastic ones. This is so incredibly easy and every little step you take makes a difference. If you are a parent remember your kids are watching you! They pick up and copy what you do day in and day out compared to what you say you are going to do….

Start to make changes with these four areas, it is the most simple and practical way to make a difference! The hardest part to making a change in your life is to do with your behavior! You may want to change but unless you become 100% responsible for how you behave, nothing will change! As Albert Einstein says “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”.

Come on guys let’s “wake up” we are endangered too!! Lisa xx


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If you really think the economy is more important than the environment, try to hold your breath whilst you count your money. Dr Guy McPherson

Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform this world. It is the only way things will ever, and have ever changed anything!


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