Mountain Pose

Mindful Monday Mountain pose, also known as Tadasana.

This pose is one of the very few yoga poses that you can do in public and no one will give you a second glance. It’s a yoga pose that I find myself moving into when I’m in a line waiting to be served at the shops, or when I’m feeling lifeless and need to move a bit of energy around my body. Or when I need to become super present really quickly.

It helps to improve your posture, firms your tummy and butt (who doesn’t want that?!) and helps to relieve sciatica. And it’s really simply to do…

Stand with your feet hip width apart, pressing both feet equally into the earth.

Lift your knee caps.

Tuck your tailbone under.

Lift your tummy up and in.

Draw your shoulder blades together towards the center of your spine then let that part of your body relax.

Gently tuck your chin in, and feel that movement create space in the back of your neck.

Lift the crown of your head up towards the sky, and feel that gentle movement create space along your spine.

Your hands are soft, and you are now standing in mountain pose. Feel the strength and poise building in your inner being.

Enjoy, Lisa xx

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