Hi there, I’m Lisa! I’m the co founder of Live All The Days, thank you for stopping by…

I’m first and foremost a Mumma to my two gorgeous girls. Being a Mumma to them is such an honour and brings me so much joy! They have made me laugh more than I ever have in my life, they are both so funny and sweet. They teach me more about this world and who I am in it than anyone ever has and I love them deeply for it. You’ll see them dotted about this page from time to time. I’m also a hair salon owner, yoga teacher, writer, wife and on a mission to make a difference in this world!

I had a gypsy upbringing moving all over NSW, QLD and Vanuatu as a kid with my fathers work! But home to me has always been  a small country town, set in the middle of this big wide land of ours.  My favourite place in the whole wide world (and I’ve seen quite a bit of this wide world) is out there in the wide open spaces, sitting on the verandah with my folks, my two sisters and their husbands and a bunch of our kids sharing a cup of tea or wine and telling stories that make our hearts sing! Or trying to out do each other in billy cart races, beat each other over a game of tennis or laugh our heads off over a game of Cards Against Humanity! (if you haven’t played it, it’s beyond funny and so wrong, on so many levels – Google it!)

My other partner in crime is my ravishing husband Dean. We’ve been together for 15 years, 4 towns, 2 businesses and 2 children and are still madly in love. When I’m not hanging out here you’ll find me living my days with my husband, playing with my kids, laughing at his jokes and warped sense of humour, whilst eating chocolate in the car on the way to the beach!

Lisa's family

My reason for starting this blog with my dear friend Karina is to help you feel inspired, motivated and present. I’ve worked with women both as clients and members of my salon team for the past twenty years and I constantly notice that most of us are super busy, being busy. Or not taking the time and space to notice the little things – life is about the little things…

So let’s start celebrating who we are, by starting to noticing our own strengths, the strengths of those around us and encouraging each other. Let’s start living every single day as if it was our last, and being deeply grateful for it… Lisa xx