Hi! I’m the co-founder of Live All The Days and I’m glad you’ve stumbled in 🙂

I’ve held many “roles” in my time on this great planet but none would be as fulfilling as the rawness and pure joy that comes from being a Mummy to my handsome son “Squigs” and beautiful daughter “Snorks” (their nicknames, which I’m sure they’ll find totally embarrassing in the future!). From time to time you’ll see their gorgeous faces amongst our musings.

I’ve been a law student, a paralegal, a learn to swim teacher, an administration manager and worked in real estate but nothing has filled me with as much passion and drive as starting our own little space on this big wide web.

I’m Brisbane born and bred to a kiwi family who moved from New Zealand just before I popped out into this beautiful world. I’m the youngest (and occasionally forgotten) child of four with two older brothers and an older sister who kept me into line as a child and all of whom I’m close to today.

Karina & Siblings

That’s us on my wedding day

Together we’ve produced a chaotic 9 grandchildren for my beautiful and devoted parents.

Grandparents & Grandkids

The peas to my carrots and the seasoning to my steak, is my spunky husband Tim. He is fairytale tall, dark and handsome but most importantly is the most wonderful father and supportive husband. He is the butt of my jokes, the victim to my pranks and the cause of many a gleam in my eye.

When I’m not blogging about you’ll find me playing sport, baking, eating chocolate, swimming at the beach or finding adventure with my wonderful family and friends.

Karina's family

After a tumultuous 2015, I’ve undergone a major shift in the way I choose to think and act. My mind has been opened up to a more positive, productive way of thinking and acting and my children, my relationships and my life have benefited as a result.

I hope you find this space brings you comfort, inspiration and laughter and look forward to you joining us on our journey…Xx Karina