Inspire me, is the place on our blog where you will find our musings on how we live our best life!

And we don’t mean a life that only looks good from the outside, we mean one that feels amazing from within. We are talking about one that has a deep sense of meaning. A deep sense of happiness and joy. A feeling of fulfillment and purpose. In all honesty this was one of the main reasons we started this blog, we are both on a mission! We have both taken a step back from our busy day to day lives and examined what it’s all about. We know that our time here is fleeting and precious and not to be taken for granted.

With that comes a feeling of not wanting to waste our time and energy on things that don’t bring us deep fulfillment, happiness, joy and fun! We want to live an inspired life and we want to inspire you guys to do the same!

A few tips on living an inspired life…

Say what you mean and mean what you say! A little confusing, yes it is but what we mean is be impeccable with your words. Words carry such a powerful energy to them, use them wisely!

Always look for the good in others, and also in all situations. If you are going through something a little bit heavy right now, give it some time and the true lessons of what you were meant to learn will be revealed.

Live everyday as if it was your last, treat people as if it was the last time you’ll see them! When you start to do this you will find all sorts of hidden treasure amongst your family, friends, work and lives…

Every morning you have two choices – Continue to sleep with your dreams… or wake up and chase them!

Enjoy xx