Smoothies. They are genius in their simplicity and absolutely delicious! It makes it easy to pack high nutrient ingredients into your diet and also to incorporate super food powders or immune boosters – something incredibly beneficial!

For the hectic and busy it makes a healthier option for meals on the go than going through a drive thru and at a fraction of the cost too!

Our super smoothies cater to all palates, both adults and kids alike!

Have a recipe idea? Let us know below! In the meantime, enjoy!


berry smoothie bowl

Berry Smoothie Bowl

This berry smoothie bowl is an easy peasy breakfast or lunch for everyone! If the "grab and go" is more ...
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sneaky healthy ice blocks

Sneaky Healthy Ice Blocks!

Summer is on its way and our Spring days are already toasty warm! It's definitely time for ice blocks where ...
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Sneaky green smoothie

Sneaky Green Smoothie

Sneaky Green Smoothie? I know what you're thinking.. "uhhh not so sneaky when the smoothie looks bright green Karina"! But ...
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Pineapple Power Smoothie

Pineapple Power Smoothie

Experimenting with new mixtures like this Pineapple Power smoothie is quite a fun pastime I've discovered! Not as natural to me ...
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Super Smoothie - Blueberry Goodness

Super Smoothie – Blueberry Goodness

Our new Super Smoothie - Blueberry Goodness is delicious! It is all about me inconspicuoulsy jam packing more greens into ...
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Super Smoothie Green Berry Bang

Super Smoothies – Green Berry Bang!

Errgh, I'm sick. Again! I've been sick more often than well since Autumn started and I'm well and truly over ...
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Appleberry smash

Super Smoothies – Appleberry Smash!

Appleberry Smash has the golden trifecta - delicious, nutritious and easy peasy! The combination of the raspberries and apple make ...
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BerryNana Rama

Super Smoothies – BerryNana Rama!

This delicious BerryNana Rama smoothie is packed with nutrients and one of nature's best superfoods - Blueberries! It makes a ...
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