Yesterday as I unpacked the dishwasher I was fighting with my husband in my head! (over who’s turn it was to put them away) As I moved the cups, plates and bowls to their spots in our kitchen I could feel my blood starting to boil and I was imagining all the things I would say to him if he was standing next to me, and then I was imagining what he would say back to me…..

I caught myself and laughed a little and then wondered if this was normal behaviour or was I going slighty insane? That afternoon I wander up to my neighbour’s house for a cuppa and I was telling her about it and asked if she did the same thing? We both laughed and she reassured me that I was not going insane and it’s something that we all do from time to time!

After our chat it got me thinking about how much of my life do I spend in my head? How much of what I focus on and think about is from the past! Or how much time do I spend projecting into the future, making plans, setting goals or thinking about what I’m going to say to my friends, kids or husband the next time I see them!

Can you relate? Do you do the same thing? My next thought was why don’t we forget about both of these things and drag our awareness, thoughts and focus into the present moment!

Why don’t we become super aware of what is happening around us, to us, with us right now? Did you know that our minds are not programmed to make your dreams come true! They are programmed to see and re-live, re-do and re-think what you did yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that and the day before that… I think you get my point!

Once you start to stop thinking about yesterday or projecting into the future and open yourself up to the present, you will notice what inspires you. You will start to hear that little voice, that little nudge of intuition, the gut feeling that is within all of us, guiding us to live our lives free of fear, free of being judged, free of expectation. When you listen and follow it, it will guide you to be the very best you can be!

It will guide you to the path your life was meant to take, but to find or hear this voice or inner knowing you have to let go of your yesterday’s and tomorrow’s, you have to anchor yourself into this present moment, take notice and listen!

Pam Grout says living in the present opens you up to a lot of new possibilities. Reality being this moment turns out to be a lot more fascinating and unexpected than we ever imagined.

Pam also taught me that the world you “see” reflects your dominant ideas, wishes and emotions. Moving forward in my life I know it’s time for me to take more responsibility in what I say, what I do and what my thoughts are. I can’t live a life full of abundance, love, freedom, deeper connections and meaningful work if my thoughts aren’t of those things!

Don’t just stumble along being a lemmings and following the crowd, work out what you want, start thinking and acting like you already have them, live in the present and be grateful for all that you are and all that you have!! That’s the secret to deep happiness! It’s also the secret for me to stop fighting with my husband in my head and start to spend my precious thoughts, energy and emotions on those things I truly want and also to become super present! Lisa xx

If your mind isn’t cluttered by unnecessary things, this could be the best day of your life! Ethan Hughes