Well Winter is here and in Brisbane that means it’s almost EKKA time!! (officially known as the Royal Queensland Show). A major carnival of rides and animals and showbags and fairy floss and exhibition stalls…. and we don’t ever go! (Long story, but in a nutshell it’s mainly because of the cost and the inevitable illnesses that come flowing out of the place). Bah Humbug to us I know! But we don’t need to go because lucky for us a local fair rolls around just before EKKA time, and it’s only down the road for a fraction of the cost, so thus our Every Given Sunday Project – Week 6 was sorted!

Every Given Sunday Fairy Floss

The fair is the annual carnival of a local school which has been running the fair for 27 years. It’s gotten bigger and better over that time and is a fabulous day out.

Being only a short walk from our house, we set off with the kids, and a few supplies packed and arrived at the fair at 10:30am, just in time to watch the first show of the Flair Riders – an awesome bmx and motocross stunt group that boasts some of the best international freestyle trials and bmx riders. Check them out here to find out where you can catch a show! http://www.flairriders.com

Our little Evil Knievel was super impressed and his jaw hit the ground on more than one occasion. I’m guessing I’m going to be having my heart in my mouth soon watching him attempt some new things!

We slapped “all day ride passes” on the wrists of the kids and before letting them hit the ground running, we attended to the most important business of the day – Fairy Floss! Ten minutes and a pack of wipes later, they were ready!


Every Given Sunday SlideEvery Given Sunday Baby CowEvery Given Sunday Giant Slide

It is the perfect size fair for smaller kids and they didn’t go wanting for anything. Giant obstacle courses, little go-karts, jumping castle, giant slide and dodgems were the biggest hits of the day. When it was time to wind down a bit they thoroughly enjoyed the baby farm animal petting and feeding area and of course some German Sausages for lunch!

Every Given Sunday Go-Kart

She didn’t look too sure of her driving skills….

The hours ticked by very quickly and before we knew it, it was 3:00pm and we had two extremely tired but very happy kids. We headed for home plotting our action plan to have them bathed, fed and swooshed into bed by 5:00pm!

Are you spotting a theme in our Every Given Sunday successes? After reading back on some of our adventures I realised that almost all of them have us getting our kids to bed super early on a Sunday! Especially when we’ve had a big day! We don’t set out planning the day like that, but our kids have an early bedtime anyway so a bit earlier on the big days works well for all of us!

I hope your Every Given Sunday Project is flowing as well as ours is!

xx Karina

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