One day, this very day will be fifteen years ago, I can almost hear you say well “duh” of course it will! In fifteen years time do you want your life to be exactly the same as it is right now?

If your answer is yes that is awesome keep doing what you are doing! If your answer is no then we have some work to do!

That work begins with the way you look at your life in this very moment! It begins with the way you wake up every morning, it begins with how you speak and treat those around you especially your family! It begins with finding the joy in this very moment and not trying to run away into the future….

Have I confused you yet? Let me explain what has happened to me, which might help…

One of the biggest things I’ve unveiled in my own life recently is that I have to stop projecting into the future. This has been hard to do, but I now manage to catch myself a lot quicker than before! I’ve been able to stop myself from living a fantasy in my mind about how I want my world to look and I’ve started to find joy in the present moment. We may be missing the magic, deep joy and bliss in this lifetime because we are all searching for a big bang of a moment.

We are searching for life to be different than what it is, I’ve discovered that to make it different, to move forward, to find your joy is to stay in this very moment.

It’s to stay present and watch for the blessings and miracles happening around us in every single moment, in every single day and focus on that!

We all know that what you focus on expands, if you want more from life, if you want to create a life filled with deep connections, fulfilling work and fun you need to find all of that in your present moment no matter what is happening around you! Look for it right now as you sit here reading this, look around and find it! Look out side and watch the birds do meaningful work, and than watch them play! Look at that massive pile of clothes waiting to be folded or put away and instead of seeing it as a horrible never ending chore see it was a way of loving and caring for your family, imagine them going out into the world blanketed in your love, warmth and protection simply from you folding their clothes!

Instead of being cranky that your 3 year old woke you again for the 3rd time last night, see it as a time to reconnect with them to reassure them that they are safe, that they are deeply loved and as you give that energy be present enough to feel it being returned from them! Whatever you send out into the world comes back to you in more ways than you will ever know! Whatever you want to draw into your life, you have to first become that, think like that, notice that and you will attract it!

What do you want? Lisa x