You truly can create an exceptional life with your words. Your words hold so much power, if only you could get enough distance from them to see it for yourself!

I’ve worked in hairdressing salons for the past 24 years both as a stylist a business owner and also coaching, training and mentoring in other people’s businesses.

One thing that stands out in a massive way is that success on any level, be that in business, personal relationships, your abundance or life has left a trail of clues.

My work is to talk to people, and listen. My work is to communicate in a way that we both understand each other 100% and if we are not on the same wave length it can create massive dramas! And being successful at whatever you want is exactly the same!

Being successful or being happy all comes back to what you speak about, what you think about and who you hang out with. The people who I have seen flourish in their businesses/life are positive in their thoughts and words. These people think and speak in a solution based way and are 100% responsible for every area of their lives. You very rarely hear them whinge, bitch or complain.

If you want to make lasting changes in your life you need to change the way you look, talk and think about things. If you devote your time, attention, words and focus on what you want to see, instead of what you don’t want to see I promise you will see a massive change in your world in as quick as one day! Your life can change as soon as you become aware of it. Instead of running your life on autopilot all you need to do is notice what you talk and think about and if it’s not positive and you want a positive life then change it!

Think of yourself as a magnet. You are sending out thoughts, words, feelings, emotions and actions into the world. Whatever it is that you send out is coming right back to you in the form of your present life.

To start to walk this path of intentional living, to start to manifest what you truly desire you have to become responsible for every single action, thought and feeling you make. If you want more peace in your life, think and talk about peaceful things. If you want more money in your life think abundant thoughts, start to notice the abundance around you.

There is so much natural abundance in this world but we have not been taught to focus on it. We have been taught since little kids to focus on the negative, and the news is a massive example of this. The news isn’t broadcast every morning noon and night to inform you of what’s happening in the world! It’s there to alarm us, it’s there for ratings and creating more money for the businesses they work for!

Whether you like it or not what you focus on in life you attract to yourself, if you are wanting peace, abundance, health, happiness and joy turn the tv off put the phone down and look around at the natural world it’s full of unlimited abundance. Watch the animal and plant kingdom it’s so full of true unwavering doubt that everything will work out perfectly, and that it’s every need will be met and guess what happens?  Their every needs are met!

Talking thinking and acting in a un-positive ways and then whingeing about the state of your life or the state of the world is nothing more than a bad habit and like every other bad habit it takes time, focus and will power to change.


But with my hand on my heart I can promise you that if you start changing just the little things in your life starting with your words you will be amazed at how quickly things can turn around, and how quickly all the things you’ve ever dreamed of and more start rushing into your every day. I know this to be true because I have used these methods in my business, my coaching and my personal relationships!

Simply start with committing to one full day of making all of your thoughts and words positive. Start noticing the good things in your life. Move towards things, people and places that brings you joy, talk and think about these things, share and have fun with this. And watch the good luck roll your way when you start practising these principles.

And remember you only experience in life what you devote your thoughts, words and attention to and who doesn’t want to live a prosperous, happy, healthy and peaceful life?!

Lisa xx