Body. We hear about it everywhere, every day. Unhealthy body, healthy body. Strong body, weak body. Sexy body, ugly body. Fat body, thin body. With magazines and social media flushed with images, opinions and advice there is no doubt that a body battle is on the forefront of many a mind.

The fitness industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. It’s been reported that Australians spend 8.5 billion dollars annually on gym memberships, sports equipment and the latest fitness trend. There is no doubt about it that we are “into” our fitness. But the reasons and motivation for that expenditure vary greatly.

At Live All The Days we believe in body satisfaction. We believe in having a strong, healthy body that supports you, your lifestyle and your mind. There is nothing worse than when your body fails you. Whether you have been injured, or your back aches continuously, you’re recovering from pregnancy, or you just don’t feel as strong as you used to. Whatever the reason, an unhappy body can lead to an unhappy mind.

The mind-body connection is a strong one and a happier you is a healthier you. When we exercise regularly we receive an enormous sense of well-being. Our energy levels throughout the day are increased, we have a more efficient sleep at night, and we feel more positive and relaxed about our lives. It can be a powerful antidote for many mental health challenges.

Project You

It is most definitely not a “one size fits all” when it comes to exercise. What one person loves, another may hate with a passion. The key is to finding what resonates with you and your purposes. To get the ideal balance of an exercise habit that is both a priority in your day-to-day, yet fitting within your lifestyle.

Here at Live All The Days, we’ve found our exercise habits have changed with our lifestyle and have learned, and are still learning, to adapt them when needed. What we could and did do prior to becoming mothers is most certainly different to what we do and enjoy today.

Check in with us regularly as we share what works for us, our failures and successes and what we’ve learned along the way… Xx Karina & Lisa

Body Battle