“May you live all the days of your life”
Jonathan Swift

Welcome to Live All The Days. We’re so pleased you could stop by!

We are Lisa & Karina. We met when our oldest children started kindergarten together. We wish we’d met years ago and feel like we’ve known each other forever.  New friends, best friends and business partners all in the space of a year.

meeting someone

See that? That’s us.

Together we own Live All The Days, a positive lifestyle company that focusses on finding the joy in the journey. Enhancing each and every moment you can to make the best of your life and of those you love!

Our vision is that through our blog we help you to feel inspired, motivated and present. We want to help you to find your purpose in each and every day. It’s about the little things you do in each moment that makes a massive difference not only for yourself, but for your children, partners and everyone around you!

We want you to be that person who walks into a room and immediately everyone feels calm, happy and inspired simply by being in your presence.


That’s us, having a ball with family!

Our hope is that through this blog our words, stories and insights will do that very thing.
It’s time to reconnect to yourself, to your thoughts and feelings and why you’re here on this awesome planet!

So pour yourself a cuppa or a wine, take a few deep breaths, sit back, relax and join us on the ride together, to really live all the days of our life…Xx Karina & Lisa


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