Simple and Easy is what a mindful life should look like. Mindfulness has become a trendy word that can make cultivating this quality seem all to hard. Here are our 3 steps to make it easier for you!

Step 1 – Mindfulness is becoming aware of what you focus on.

Mindfulness when it is broken down to its humble beginnings, is nothing more than becoming aware of what you focus on! That’s it in a nutshell.

Step 2 – Move your body.

In my training in yoga we were taught that dwelling on the past can create depression. Living too much in the future eg planning or overthinking can create anxiety. The true power of mindful living is in the present moment. It is in letting yourself become 100% absorbed in whatever you are doing.

How you may ask? When you find yourself caught up in thoughts of the past it is time to move your body. Dance, jump around, go for a walk or do something with your body and focus on it moving. Doing this will release the continual loop of thoughts in your mind.

When you feel your anxiety kicking in, ask yourself this simple question. Is my worry or overthinking useful? And if it’s not let it go, if whatever you are dwelling on will not have a massive effect on your life in one years time, simply let it go.

If whatever you are thinking about will effect your future life in a big way, write your thoughts down, talk to a friend or once again get your body moving to release the anxiety.

Step 3 – Remember your mind is like a muscle.

To develop any muscle in your body takes practice, patience and time. Start your mind muscle development small by becoming aware of where you are spending your precious life energy, and your precious thoughts. If you notice it is not in the direction you want to move in, simply change your thoughts. The more you do this and the more you take back control of your mind the quicker you will create a mindful life.

You are the boss of you, you do control your thoughts. You have more power than you will ever know to create the life of your dreams, and it all begins with becoming aware of what you are focusing on!

Lisa x