These 6 human needs changed my business and personal life for the better and I am so grateful I learnt them! For many years I worked with a business coach who helped me build my salon in so many amazing ways. This past weekend I found my notebooks from our time together and they re-inspired the way I look at things!

One of the biggest concepts I remember learning and teaching my team about was the 6 human needs. Once you understand these 6 areas you will understand why people do what they do, and you will also find ways to improve your life and ways to work on your relationships. This works with all of your relationships professional, parenting, friendships and family ones.

Whether we are aware of it or not each day we fulfill these needs, in either a positive moving forward kind of way. Or a negative holding yourself and your relationships back kind of way. Once you develop more awareness around these areas amazing changes will take place!

There are 6 human needs, the needs are…

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Love & connection
  4. Significance
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution


The first four are in everybody’s lives and they are a part of your personality.


  1. Certainty – this area is your need for routine, stability, comfort, order and predictability.


  1. Uncertainty – this area is your need for things to be different. Variety, excitement, adventure, change and challenges. If you have too much certainty in your life you may shake things up by getting a tattoo, getting a new job title, going away on a holiday or moving. But if we have too much uncertainty we crave things from the certainty list.


  1. Significance – Is your need to feel important, your need to feel needed. It’s something about who you are or what you do that makes you feel special.


  1. Love & connection – This area is your need for clear open communication. Approval from yourself and others. To feel connected to a group of people, to feel connected to your family, to be loved.


The top 4 needs are in everybody’s lives at all times. The bottom two show up in your life as you grow and evolve. These two are more of the needs of your spirit and provide structure for happiness and fulfillment.


  1. Growth – This area is the constant need for intellectual, emotional and spiritual development. This area is about trying to improve all relationships in your life and not blaming others for your circumstances.


  1. Contribution – This is the area where you feel the need to give to others beyond your own circle. This part of yourself is when you want to give, protect, care and serve others and doing it in silence. It’s not about what you get out of it, it’s 100% about giving back.


The bottom two human needs can often be missing in people who are unhappy in their lives.

How did this information work for my business you may ask? And also how did it work with friends and family? With my work I provided a way to meet these 6 human needs for my employees. As hair stylists it’s easy because we are a service industry and naturally touch most of these areas.

With my family and friends it was a little bit tricky. What I did was make a list under each heading and wrote out all of the ways that my relationships are fulfilling or not fulfilling me in each area. This was awesome to shine the light on areas I needed to work on.

If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated or unhappy write out the 6 human needs and list under them what you are doing in this area in your life. If you find there are areas that are a little blank that’s the area you need to start working on to get the ball rolling again!

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you meeting your 6 human needs? If so how? Consider both personally and professionally.

What areas aren’t working for you?

What area needs to change?

Have fun with this!

Lisa xx