There is a saying “enjoy the little things”. Have you noticed that children do enjoy the little things most of the time!

Sometimes in our busy “adult” world we forget to have fun! We forget it’s the little things that build strong and lasting relationships with our kids, below is a few ideas to bring the wonder, joy and laughter back into your parenting!!! Enjoy x


  1. Occasionally leave a little note in their lunch box, and maybe even add a piece of chocolate!


  1. Declare one day a week “Family Day” Sunday is our family day and no matter what happens to us during the week we always reconnect on that day, sometimes all that we do is stay at home play games and read together. If you can’t commit a whole day to this, pick an evening when you are all at home and make it special order pizza for dinner or better yet make it together.


  1. Nothing empowers a child more than asking them to teach you something! Get them to teach you how they build a sand castle, how to draw a flower, how they clean their teeth or how they play a game. They may laugh at you at first, but I promise you it will boost their confidence so much and also build a deeper relationship with you!


  1. Print off a few of their childhood photos and give them to your little one, maybe even turn them into a book. Kids love that sort of thing and it will also remind you of your loved and cherished memories.


  1. Start a water fight with a hose in the back yard! Your little one will be screaming with delight as you run around and be crazy together.


  1. If you have a couple of kids take just one out for a coffee date, and don’t be distracted by your phone or other people. Simply sit there and chat, let them lead the conversation. When you create time and space for your child it may surprise you what they talk about, it gives them a chance to get things off their chest.


  1. If they make you a necklace or write you a letter or draw you a picture, take the picture to work with you and hang it up! Or if it’s a necklace wear it out and about. It will fill your little one with so much pride.


  1. Play naughts and crosses, and let them occasional win!


  1. Take silly pictures on your phone and then turn them into a book and gift it to your child for a birthday or Christmas present.


  1. Make up a secret family hand shake and do it when you say goodbye to them at school and also when you welcome them home. It’s a bit silly! But it will make your little one laugh and also feel connected to you and your family as a whole!


Have fun with this and I’d love to hear how you go with any of the above ideas.

Lisa xx